Administrative information

Practical information during your stay in France

Health insurance is compulsory in France

For EUROPEAN Students :
You don’t have to pay for it if you hold the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) for your entire stay in France. If you don’t have this card on your arrival, your registration to the French health insurance will be compulsory.

For NON-EUROPEAN Students :
If you are a Non-European student and under the age of 28, you will have to enroll to the French social security even if you subscribe a home insurance. You will receive complete information on your arrival at ESA Angers. The enrollment cost 256 euros for the academic year 2018-2019.

If you are a Non-European student and over the age of 28, you cannot benefit from the student social security. You need to subscribe an international private insurance for full cover. You will hand over your insurance certificate on your arrival. You must have a 100% cover for hospital expenses.

Generally speaking, we ask all students to subscribe an international private insurance in their home country for July, August and September. This insurance must cover 100% of the hospital expenses.

For ALL students : 
Please provide us with one original birth certificate with father and mother filiation along with its certified translation into French (approved by French consulate or any other official institution). Beware, this document will have to be legalized or  have the apostil on it, according to the home country. (see document enclosed n°1 bis – named “exigences extraits actes de naissance … »).

IMPORTANT : Please ask for this document before you leave your country.

Please find enclosed useful information on French Health system in document n°7

Residence Permit

NON-EUROPEAN Students : Any Non-European Union student must have a long stay student visa (visa D) valid for the entire stay in France. This visa has to be validated by the French Office of Immigration and Integration (OFII) which is situated in Rezé (Close to Nantes) within three months of your arrival in France. When you will cross the French border authorities in the Airport, be sure your passport has been stamped and the date of entrance in France is legible. It’s important for the validation of your residence permit.

On your arrival at ESA, please hand over your file directly to Alejandra CARRIL.

Please read carefully the enclosed information on residence permit – document n°6

Bank Account in France

In order to pay your rent or to receive your grant or financial aid from the CAF or French Government, you will have to open a bank account in France. We will assist you in this process.

List of documents you need:

Please find enclosed
List of the documents you will ask for before leaving your home country  (documents n°1 & 1bis)
List of the documents you will hand over on your arrival at ESA (document n°4)