Alberta Joint Use And Planning Agreements

4. More than one municipality may participate in a co-use and planning agreement. (j) assess, where appropriate, the impact on potential trade and mobility agreements signed by Canada or Alberta if the profession becomes a regulated profession; Below is a summary of all the changes that have affected the planning part of the municipal law. AUMA has developed a change management site to respond to recent changes. It can be found there. n.2. `sharing and planning agreement` means an agreement referred to in point 53.1; (i) the planning, development and operation of school sites in municipal reserves, school reserves and municipal and school reserves of the municipality; (c) the assessment and recommendations concerning the services normally provided by a person practising the profession, including the complexity of the services and the manner in which they are provided; (d) paragraph 6 by deleting “and the minutes of the meeting shall include the names of such persons and the reasons for their participation”;; (a) the assessment of the risk to the physical and psychological health and safety of the public through incompetent, unethical or affected professional practices;;. 8. Under the Arbitration Act, an arbitrator chosen by the Minister cannot be challenged or dismissed by the parties or by a court, but either party may request the Minister to withdraw and replace the arbitrator, and the Minister may do so if the Minister considers it appropriate after considering the reasons for the request and a possible response from the other parties and the arbitrator.

(7) No municipality may amend or exclude a provision of the Arbitration Act by means of an inter-municipal cooperation framework or by other means, and, for greater certainty, Article 3 of the Arbitration Act does not apply to arbitration proceedings under that division. (ii) the repeal of the Charter and the amendment of this Act or other enactment shall take effect simultaneously. (2) Article 16(1) is amended by striking out `with the agreement of the Deputy Governor of the Council`. . 5. The statutes referred to in paragraphs 1 or 2 shall provide for a method by which persons may choose to obtain the communication, document or information by electronic means. (b) in Subsection 4, by deleting “No designated official shall be entitled to be appointed under this Section unless that designated official is authorized” and replacing “No person shall be entitled to be appointed Secretary of a Division and Development Board of Appeal unless that person is empowered”. .

708.411 If an arbitrator appoints an expert, the expert shall be paid on a pro rata basis by the municipalities that are or will be parties to the framework, with each municipality`s share of the costs to be determined in the same manner as that required for an arbitrator under section 708.41, paragraph 2. . . (2.1) Notwithstanding subsection 2, shall an assessment be prepared if there is a total or non-total improvement of land or part of land if the improvements do not involve machinery and equipment to be used in manufacturing and processing, even if another part of the property involves manufacturing or processing. (iii) the provision of transport systems for the territory, either general or specific, 10 (1) The Municipalities Act is amended by this section. (4) Before adopting a statute under this Section, the Council shall make known the proposed statutes in a manner that the Council considers appropriate to bring the proposed statutes to the attention of all persons who would be affected by it. . . .