End of studies professional project (internship)


In a company, a research laboratory or a wine organization in a country of your choice.

Duration and period

Six months starting January: 30 credits.

Objectives of the training

This will be the opportunity for you to experience working life for real. You will be in charge of answering a problem specific to the company/organization/ research laboratory hosting you.
When dealing with the problem, you will have to take into account the scientific, technical, strategic and human aspects. You will deepend your knowledge in the field of viticulture, oenology, wine terroir or wine marketing.
Throughout the project, both a professional and a teacher will supervise you when working in the host company/structure.

The host organisation

It can be a company (production, sale, consulting…), a technical or research structure, a university laboratory…

Students have to find their placement by themselves, yet offers from partner universities are regularly sent to students.


Assessment is based on:

  • A written report on project management
  • The professional experience
  • A thesis following specific presentation rules
  • Oral defense with a jury of professionals.

A few examples of end of studies thesis:

  • Developing new customer services with Vietnamese and Cambodian consumers (Celliers d’Asie).
  • A study exports possibilities for vineyard XXX.
  • Evolutions in the phenolic compounds of Cabernet franc grapes: a study between skin structure and extractability potential.
  • Studying competition amongst the market of European wines.
  • Oenotourism : to promote a territory or to develop activities from this territory?
  • Planting vines in the Morbihan gulf. A feasibility study for renewing viti/vini practices.
  • Targeted and untargeted analysis of premature oxidation of Burgundy white wines from different technological processes.
  • To what extent can Malbec de Mendoza be considered a terroir product? A comparative study of two subregions of excellence.