Learning Outcomes

On completion of this study programme, students will have acquired the following principal learning outcomes:

  • The fundamental understanding of grape growing and ripening, from vineyard establishment to harvest.
  • The expertise of interactions between grapevines and their natural and human environment at different temporal and spatial scales.
  • The knowledge and skills of winemaking process from harvest reception to bottling, including quality controls.
  • The ability to conduct tastings, sensory analysis (using trained panels) and consumer studies to define product attributes (both targeted and obtained wine quality).
  • An aptitude to characterise the terroir factors impacting wine quality and style (even typicality).
  • The capacity to deal with the major issues of sustainable grape and wine production in a constantly changing environment (including climate change, environmental impacts and consumer health).
  • A well-developed acquaintance with the fundamentals of business and project management as well as the relevant theory and practice of entrepreneurship.
  • An understanding of the wine business world through the eyes of an entrepreneurial marketer in order to continually adapt and innovate in a challenging industry.