Technology Investment Agreement Definition

Before deciding that an AIT is appropriate, you should also consider that the use of an AIT could benefit defence research objectives in a way that would probably not occur if another type of support instrument were used (. B, for example, a cooperation agreement subject to all the requirements of 32 CFR Part 34). (a) a type of cooperation agreement with provisions that are more flexible and adapted to the participation of commercial enterprises (unlike a cooperation agreement; which is subject to all requirements of 10 CFR Part 600), but with intellectual property provisions, in full compliance with the DOE`s intellectual property statutes (i.e. Bayh-Dole`s status and 42.C No. 2182 and 5908 , as transposed into 10 CFR 600.325); Or will the use of an AIT create new relationships between primary and lower level participants, between the activities of the same company or between non-federal participants and the federal government, which will help the DoD develop better technologies in the future? An AIT is a special support tool used to increase the participation of commercial enterprises in DEE research, development and demonstration (RD-D) programmes. An AIT requires, like a cooperation agreement, substantial federal involvement in the technical or management aspects of the project. Depending on the intellectual property provisions, an AIT can be either a kind of cooperation agreement or a type of aid operation other than a cooperation agreement. An AIT is this: Will the use of an AIT allow businesses or business entities that traditionally accept government rewards to use new business practices in conducting research that will help the DoD obtain better technology that will help DoD obtain new technologies faster or at a lower cost, or facilitate partnership with commercial enterprises? (b) a non-cooperation support transaction, where its intellectual property provisions depart from the statutes of Bayh Dole and 42 U.S.C 2182 and 5908, which require the government to retain certain intellectual property rights and require a difference in treatment between large companies and nonprofits or small businesses. OTAs can be executed in the form of a cooperation agreement or some other type of support transaction such as a grant or cooperation agreement, for example. B in the form of a research transaction other (OT) – 10 U.S.C. Are there other benefits to using an AIT that could help the DoD better achieve its objectives in achieving the research project? Where possible, non-federal parties conducting a research project under an AIT should cover at least half of the project costs. Obtaining cost-sharing, where possible, is a legal requirement for each AIT under the supervision of 10 states.C.