Antoine Abi Saad – Promotion 2007-2009

I Graduated in 2009 from the European Master “Vine, Wine and Terroir Management”. It all started in Angers in 2007 with two modules (Terroir & World wine economy), then We spent two months in Portugal for the viticulture module, followed by a study trip to Italy, Romania

and Greece. After that we went three months for the oenology module in Budapest.

My final thesis was in Italy under the patronage of Prof.Luigi Bavaresco, within Bersano winery, the largest private winery in Piedmont with 230ha of vineyards; where I studied the Ampelograpgy, phenology, and oenological characterization of Ruchè grape variety, which is an indigenous variety planted only in seven villages in the region of Piedmont

This Master was a great opportunity to study six special viti countries: France, Portugal, Italy, Hungary, Romania and Greece, as well as being in an international environment.

Back to Lebanon in late 2009, I worked in wine import and I was the wine expert for an Italian restaurant called BICE.

In 2011, I co-founded Tire Bouchon SAL a fine wine importer, aiming to bring the best terroir wines from the world; “terroirs et vins” describes our wine attitude. Our mission is to search for the best wine producers and for unique labels in the wine world, with a main focus on the Italian terroir. We aim to offer the best wine selection for the palettes of our clienteles. After four years, Tire Bouchon wines are present in the most important outlets and premises in Lebanon.


Twitter: tirebouchonlb

Antoine Abi Saad

Promo 2007 / 2009