Christine Campbell / Promo 2009 – 2011

Christine CAMPBELL

After graduating from The Master Vintage programme I moved to Lon-don, England with my fiancé as he had also recently finished his Masters programme in France and was offered a job in London.

Shortly after arriving I started working at Decanter magazine as the Decanter World Wine Awards Assistant. After 8 months I was promoted to Decanter World Wine Awards Brand Executive and was at the forefront of speaking with wine producers from all over the world to promote the Decanter World Wine Awards. This allowed me to travel to various trade fairs in Europe and in the UK to ensure the competition was well attended by vignerons from France and Italy.

In 2013 I changed roles at Decanter and started working for the Tastings Team. I was promoted to Tastings Executive, which is what I am today. My role consists of organizing the wine tastings that are featured in the magazine, writing tasting notes to be published in the magazine and online, and helping to organize the wines to be tasted for the Decanter World Wine Awards. I also answer reader questions on certain subjects such as Brettanomyces, which is what my thesis was based on for the Master Vintage programme.

On a weekly basis I have the opportunity to taste wines from all over the world and evaluate them in blind tastings. At these tastings we have a panel of three judges, which tend to be the experts of the region and I happily discuss the wines with them, which is always a great learning experience for me.

My current role has allowed me to travel to Hong Kong for the Decanter Asia Wine Awards in order to organize the wines to be tasted, and to Shanghai for our Fine Wine Encounter, where I evaluated all of the Mas-ter Class wines before they were tasted to ensure there were no faulty wines.

Without the knowledge I gained during my time in Angers, Valencia, and Piacenza I would not have the career I have today. Being able to visit so many wine producing areas and learning new languages along with the scientific and marketing educational base has pre-pared me well for the industry.

Christine Campbell

Promo 8 – 2009/ 2011