Maria Ines Munari Balsan – Promo 2007 – 2009

After graduating the Master Vintage, I managed a viti-vini firm for 4 years while at the same time asked to teach about wines at the University of Caxias Do Sul, Brazil.

Studying Master Vintage enabled me to acquire knowledge about the terroir and then to use such knowledge when I took part in the creation of the first geographical indication in the north of Brazil, in Amazonia, which was the first to be created with the same parametres used in wine, but this time for ornamental fish (first geographical indication for living animals).

It was such an important task that I am now the Legal Prosecutor of this RIO Negro indication. I, with governments, cooperatives and producers, decide on the resources necessary resources to implement projects.

Master Vintage gave me knowledge about production chains in the wine industry, that I use today with the production chain of ornamental fish in Amazonia so that it is competitive on the world market.

During my end of study internship, I conducted a market survey about an appellation of origin after certification so as to help the market understand all parametres in this wine. Results showed that parametres used for certification improve the characteristics of wine compared to those wines without certification.

The internship was a great opportunity for me to study how certification can differentiate wines in national and international markets, also from a qualitative point of view.

Thanks to Master Vintage, today I am a professional with great expertise on the national and international markets. It also enabled me to study about the economy, marketing and terroir aspects of wine growing, which can be used for other sectors too.