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Account Authorization, Registration and Security This section describes the eligibility criteria we require of all our users. If you sign up for the use of our services (as defined below), we must assure you that you are able to legally agree with the networks. This section also explains that you are responsible for account security, including the full use of the Services via your user account, whether or not this is authorized by you. 5.3. We recommend that you allow cookies to be used in your browser, as they keep information about the progress of interactive courses and other information on your device that is necessary for interactive courses and the website to function properly. The terms of use of cookies and data processing are available in the privacy policy and in the document describing the cookies You may refuse to use cookies, but in this case, we do not guarantee that the interactive courses will be provided in full compliance with the quality requirements, therefore, if you refuse to use cookies, YOU ALL CLAIMS RELATED TO OBJECTIVE or SUBJECTIVE NONCONFORMITY OF QUALITY. Your use of Net/Works! Services are subject to the conditions set out in these Terms of Use for Networks (“Convention”). This agreement explains (i) what is allowed in the use of our services; (ii) the rights you have as a user of our services; (iii) the rights that networks have when you do something that is not allowed in the use of our services; and (iv) many other important concepts. This agreement is a legal contract between you and the networks, and it is important that you read it carefully. If there is anything you do not understand in this agreement, please contact us. For assistance with website operations and interactive courses, please send a request to the Assistance Service. However, it is ™ equally important to be able to enforce these legal agreements, because they are of no use to you if they are deemed unworkable.

The best way to do that is to have an “I agree.” 3.2. Test subscription. The test subscription is a paid subscription option. Sometimes we offer users such a rate plan. As part of the test subscription, we offer you for a short period (the trial period) to use the paid part of the interactive courses (the trial version) for a free or reduced price.