Vintage Master Club

The master has created its Business Club called “Vintage Master Club”

Three major companies of the Loire Valley are already members of the Club:

  • Ackerman
  • Bucher Vaslin

The objectives of this club are varied and ambitious

  • Combine our expertise to create a synergy of research;
  • Combine our talents to anticipate the future;
  • Form a club to exchange and share;

These partners provide the Vintage Master course program with financial support and in return, the course program helps them benefit from its international network which can be particularly useful for developing an international reputation and for finding information.

These partners may :

  • take part in building the syllabus so that it meets the needs of the profession;
  • take advantage of a pool of future graduates;
  • have them conduct studies under supervision by teachers and researchers
  • take advantage of potential trainees as part of the final thesis.