Vmware Service Provider License Agreement

When these applications were made available on shared hardware, customers were required to pay the service provider for the use of these licenses under another licensing program called the Service Licensing Agreement. The only notable exception is Windows Server®. Windows Server® operating system licenses remain assigned to the customer`s local hardware. In a hosted environment, Windows Server® is provided by the service provider (as part of the infrastructure software). It`s not part of the mobility of licenses. If a customer wanted to host their volume-based applications in a service provider data center, those applications had to be hosted on dedicated servers. Starting July 1, License Mobility, via Microsoft® Software Assurance, is expanding the use of cloud-listed application server licenses. This means that customers now have the flexibility to provide certain server applications locally or in the cloud without having to buy additional licenses. Among the servers eligible for license mobility are: VMware offers different benefits to partners depending on the level of affiliation of the partner – Registered, Professional, Enterprise and Premier.

These benefits include access to marketing materials, training and technical support for VMware products and services, discounted product licenses, offering development tools based on VMware products, and service provider breeding under the VMware Partner Locator site. Depending on the membership level, VMware may also require the partner to purchase a certain number of points per month or a minimum number of VMware Certified Professionals (VCPs) in the staff. One of the routes to cloud computing is to move workloads to cloud environments hosted by service providers. Under these conditions, customers certainly do not want to lose the licensing investments they have already made for their local server applications. The goal of the program is to provide service provider partners with an easy-to-implement OpEx strategy for investments in VMware infrastructure on a pay-per-use model. The service provider can lease VMware product licenses through a points system. Each VMware offer costs a certain number of points, and the total points used per month determine the amount of VMware charged to the service provider. The mobility of licenses via Microsoft® Software Assurance facilitates the deployment of cloud computing through your existing enterprise agreement, which allows the flexibility to license in local and hosted environments. Cloud computing imposes new licensing requirements. Customers are looking for the flexibility to provide infrastructure that suits their needs, whether locally, in the cloud or a hybrid of both.